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1926 Ford Model T - MrModelT


1926 Ford Model T 1
Owner:   MrModelT
Year: 1926
Make: Ford
Model: Model T
Est.Horsepower: 60
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Suspension: Modified Original: Dropped 9" Stretched 6"
Paint/Body: Black that is getting thin in some places
Interior/Electronics: Interior: genuine WWII U.S. Army wool blanket. Electronics:...What electronics?
Wheels/Tires: '26 Ford 21" wire wheels on all four corners with Coker rubber.
Engine: Original Model T

About my Model T

My "T" is my first hot rod build and was built in the style of the early lakes roadster/"gowjobs" of the late 20's and early 30's

I retained the Original "T" drive train, but updated it with 6:1 Hi comp head, aluminum pistons, .280 race cam, lightened flywheel (75 lbs lighter!), 12v ignition, Downdraft induction and a 3-speed "Chicago" aux. overdrive with a 3 1/4 to 1 O.D. gearing coupled to the stock 3.63:1 rear axle.

The suspention system was dropped 9" and stretched 6" for a low stance. The original steel '26 roadster body was moved back on the frame to make up for the stretch and a longer '29 Model A hood was swapped inplace of the original T hood. The windshield was cut down 13" and the top is completely custom built.

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