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1923 Ford T-bucket - MarylandHotroders

"Aggravation "

1923 Ford T Bucket 1923 Ford T Bucket Aka Aggrav
Owner:   MarylandHotroders
Year: 1923
Make: Ford
Model: T-bucket
Est.Horsepower: 300
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MarylandHotroders has other ride profile(s):
Suspension: Suicide Front axle / Coil overs on the rear
Paint/Body: Candy apple red with yellow flames
Interior/Electronics: Black Pleated
Wheels/Tires: Weld Pro Stars
Engine: SBC 350 bored out 60 over

About my T-bucket

This is the 1923 Ford T Bucket (AKA) Aggravation my Father and i built for him it has a SBC bored 60 over backed with a turbo 350 Trans and a Chrysler 8 3/4 rear  all the work was done by us in the two car garage behind my house from the fabrication of the frame to the paint and interior this is not a kit car it took us about two years to complete we're both truck drivers so it took us a little longer to get it done but we managed to finished it just a week past Fathers Day 2012. It was always my Dads dream to have a T Bucket so i'm very thankful to have been able to take part in making his dream come true.

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