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1930 Ford Coupe - mecker

1930 Ford Coupe 1
Owner:   mecker
Year: 1930
Make: Ford
Model: Coupe
Est.Horsepower: 425
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Suspension: Drop axle and triangular four link with coilovers
Paint/Body: white with black and red scallops and gold leaf
Interior/Electronics: not done yet in progress
Wheels/Tires: american racing salt flat 15x6 205/65/15 and 15x10 315/60/15
Engine: 454 chevy

About my Coupe

It is a project that I started with not knowing I was going to find a coupe body, I was building the frame for a 1935 chevy pickup and had it almost done when my father and I found the coupe. I purchased the coupe and had to redo the frame. My father and I have done everything on the car from bodywork, paint, fabrication, and rebuilding the motor. The car is almost done, the only thing left is interior and a little bit of odds and ends. So far the car has taken a little over a year to build, it helps when your dad is retired. This is the second car my father and I built. The first one was his 1963 Nova ss. I have to thank him for everything he has taught me.

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