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1931 Studebaker President - jcart


1931 Studebaker President Latest Picture
Owner:   jcart
Year: 1931
Make: Studebaker
Model: President
Est.Horsepower: 475
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Suspension: (front)4"dropped axle w/ rack steering,(rear) leaf spring
Paint/Body: semi gloss black/chopped channeled and widened 5 window coupe body
Interior/Electronics: 92 jeep seats/auto meter gauges/ 110v inverter
Wheels/Tires: 205/75/14--- 225/75/ 15 or 290/50/15
Engine: 1969 lincoln 460 bored .030 over

About my President

Back in the 90's you did a article on Thom Taylor's "Frankenstude" I loved the car and the name, so when I came across my Studebaker and made it with so many different car parts, I just had to name it "Frankenstude Too".
 Its a 31 Studebaker coupe body chopped and channeled and widened, modified 29 Ford doors w/ 92 Jeep Laredo door handles,locks and 31 Chevy hinges, stretched 34 Ford coupe frame,87 Dodge Omni power rack and pinion steering,78 Monte Carlo disc brakes,69 Lincoln 460 with an Erson cam,Weiand Stealth Manifold, Holley 780 carb with 2"dia highly modified headers. The mtr bolted up to an 85 Ford F350 bell, a 390 flywheel,68 Mustang top loader with a 78 Bronco clutch pac. That all went through a 69 Lincoln driveshaft to a 71 Lincoln full width rear axle.
  Because the lower 6" all the way around the body had rusted away, new floors, front and rear rocker panels, rear wheel wells, door jams and trunk floor had to be re-fabricated. The rear trunk lid was made from an 83 Mustang roof then hinged with Triumph TR-7 hinges. A jeep rear hatch lock holds it down. The body was cut down the middle and with a strip from the roof of the 92 Laredo made 5" wider. The dash was made bigger to hold more gauges then a mold was made, A fiberglass dash was pulled then chopped and made wider to fit the wider body. (the windshield frame had to be widened too.) The windshield top was laid back 1 1/2", The Laredo fuel tank, brake/clutch pedal assy., seats, e-brake handle, steering wheel and column were also used. A roll bar from a Jeep Wrangler was chopped up and re-welded back to gether to fit inside.  with the Studebaker roof chopped 3" the Ford doors were chopped 1 3/4" to get to fit inside the door opening. but the door windows were taller than the rear quarter windows. So I cut the door windows out, rechopped them to be same height as the rear quarter windows then rewelded them back onto the doors. I the rolled a bead panel and welded that under each window to align the body lines across the doors.
 Because its built on a $30 a week budget, which started seriously in 2008, I am still getting the bugs worked out. I have to say though I have always wanted a 5 window coupe since I was 12 yrs old, and now I drive it as much as I can. Presently it has over four thousand miles on it. Its my childhood dream come true.
 I also want to thank you (better late than never)for printing a picture and my letter of "The Cardboard Coupe" back in 1998. It was the first hot rod I ever made. Built to look like a 32 Ford Five Window Coupe,it just happened to be the size of a Honda Civic with a Chevette mtr and 4spd in it. You still have a great mag. Keep up the good work. Thanx...John Cartelli, Belchertown, Ma

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jcart | New User
Posts: 12 | Joined 11/10/08
Posted: 12/06/13 06:10 PM

I agree, its harder but the reward is greater when its together. I consider this old school,because its made just as you say, hand made parts or from whatever is available at the time of build, either bought or used. just like they did in the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's etc.. Cool
robodutch | New User
Posts: 7 | Joined 07/08/10
Posted: 09/01/13 03:45 PM

This is how we built them before there where after market parts.

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